The Religious Education (“RE”) weekend, sponsored by the A.E.U. was held November 4-7 in Stony Point, New York. Taken from the book of the same name, the conference focus was on “Love, Logic and Ethics”, with recommendations and suggestions for RE teachers and parents for helping children develop empathy, and critical thinking skills grounded in ethics. For the adults, there were teaching sessions, as well as the opportunity to meet as teacher, program director and parent groups. The children had the opportunity to play games, do arts and crafts and play a few games of soccer on the lovely grounds. Both groups enjoyed a drum circle, scavenger hunt, talent show, and intergenerational platform. Lilly Schultz (ECSW Director of Relgious Ed), and her daughter Caroline, Emille, Yvonne, Matthew and Rebecca Last, Richard Koral (as AEU President) and Bart(as AEU Executive Director) and Ruthanne Worden attended some or all of the conference. They were joined by members and children from several local societies, as well as from St. Louis, North Carolina, Chicago and Austin, Texas. Although some local society participants were relieved to be in a place having heat and electricity, as this was the weekend following Hurricane Sandy, all seemed to enjoy the learning, fun, mutual support and sense of community the weekend offered.

– Ruthanne Worden