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Westhab Family Shelter

by Bart Worden

On Sunday, March 17, the Senior Ethics Group visited the Westhab Family Shelter, otherwise known as The Coachman. The visit went very well. The children painted birdhouses and picture frames together and then

The Boxes We Live In

by Bart Worden

I am increasingly impressed by the power of habit and learned culture to filter our thoughts and perceptions. We have come to live, it seems, in perceptual boxes built from the culture we live in and the behaviors we have learned to help us survive within that culture. Our language, thoughts, attitudes and responses, if […]

All Ages Game Night

by Bart Worden

SockWaRs anyone?! Why, but of course!!! A number of players of all ages doffed their shoes to participate in a lively game originated by EC Leader Randy Best, and brought to us by Eric Steinnagel at our Game Night March 16th. The goal was to survive being pelted by balled up socks thrown by members […]