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The View from the AEU

by Bart Worden

As you all know, since June I’ve been serving as president of the national board at the American Ethical Union, and it is high time that I report back here at home what I’ve seen and what I’ve learned while occupying that lofty station. During the two decades I’ve been a member of our Society […]

Do The Deed

by Bart Worden

In the three months since it launched at our fall membership meeting, the “deed donation” project is rolling right along. Some members’ deeds you may have already enjoyed, such as Glenn playing saxophone at a recent platform. Some you might be looking forward to, like the upcoming Game Night Ruthanne is organizing or the movie […]

Ethical Culture Rejuvenation Day

by Bart Worden

The last Sunday of every February is now Ethical Culture Rejuvenation Day. This holiday was created to be a holiday that is exclusive to the Ethical Culture movement. Holidays exist to bind a community together by celebrating shared values and traditions. Ethical Culture does not have many holidays that it can call its own. It […]

Love on the Edge by Joan Katen

by Bart Worden

Two university students, David and Yasmeen, are transported from their reality which is life amidst the insecurities and violence of the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict to what is tantamount to a fantasy world in France. They find themselves far from home adjusting slowly to their new surroundings. Each is endeavoring to overcome personal sadness caused directly by […]