Ethics for Children Program 

Primary Class – Preschool  

How Am I Part of a Family and Community?

Through play, arts and crafts, music and storytelling children 2 to 4 years old learn about their family and community that give them a sense of belonging to a group.


Elementary Class- Kindergarten to 2nd grade

Who is a Hero

This class will uses the  art of storytelling to move kids to stick their neck out for the common good. Student-centered, the program is  designed to bring forth kids’ innate courage and caring and their desire to be contributing members of their community.  The program culminates in a social action project designed and carried out by the students.


Junior Class- 3rd to 5th grade 

How do the World’s Religions Compare?

Children will explore different religious traditions and belief systems from around the world  as an  important expression of human existence.   The course will include trips to different places of worship including a Muslim Mosque, Jewish Temple and Christian Church.


Senior Class- 6th to 8th Grade 

How does Sports and Popular Culture Shape or Moral Lives?

Participants will explore the effect sports has on building character and our societal view of women and racial ethnic groups among other topics.   The group will develop an ethical frame in which to analyze movies, plays, music, and other popular culture phenomena.   Activities include attending a local sporting and/or pop cultural event.